As the sun goes down, a crisp ray of light is shinning, the last to be seen before the chrysalis begins to disintegrate slowly.

Gaianauta within its chrysalis lies in the deepest and most pure obscurity of her being. In the stillness of her mind is where clarity resides. This clarity allows her to feel and recognize every inch of exsistance, internal and external simultaneously.

Behind this silence Gaianuta allowes herself to see how everything begins to collapse. The walls of her consciousness begin to fall like mirrors of the reflections, while she sees herself cracking like eggs about to be born, in a gentle yet determined way. As Gaianauta enters her darkness, she allows the night to fall on her conscience. The dust from her destroyed walls creates a thick, sharp sensation. A deep pain begins to run through her body coming from the heart. Memories of pain caused by ignorance and attachment. That supposed illusion of separation, of alienation from the warmth coming from the central sun.

Gaianauta begins to feel each of her cells explode, detonating cell by cell from feet to head. The rhythm of a desperate breath choked her, hung in her pain and congested by the heaviness of her thoughts, in the echo of her mind she wallowed as her chrysalis in full destruction was found.

A wise crow approached to see this happen and with its singging Gaianauta understood that in the darkness of her own shadow she is fulfilled.

And the crow's song echoed. "Recognize yourself as the whole implies recognizing the your nothingness. To reconcile with the whole is to reconcile yourself with your obscurity, with the center where nothingness exists. That empty space that sustains all the explosion of the existence.

To explore your obscurity, to face it requires all your will, and that will give life to each action " The crow continus flying and thick cloud begins to  release a storm inside the chrysalis. Gaianauta in a deep cry continues to twist releasing in every drop everything that stops her, those decadent chains of low vibrancy. As there is intensity and internal resistance a luminous lightning emerge penetrating Gaianauta by the center of her crown chaka. Upon receiving this discharge the friction in her trinity emanated a sound so strong that finished crumbling the cocoon becoming fine and fertile earth. A calm and absolute silence entered this explosion that generated the intense implosion of Gaianauta, which was blindfolded, half-buried by butterflies and ladybugs, held in a trinity.

The drops of the storm crystallized in the leaves of the tree of light that held the cocoon, chrysalis, and metamorphosis that had just beggun.


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