*** STAR DUST ***


Gaianauta is on a high state is due to the awakening and the call of each of the power animals.( last chapter ) Before leaving for the 5th door of the Universe a wise elder a universal galactic grandfather/ mother... presents itself to Gaianauta in a form of a hologram and a mirror, and reveals the following message:

" Come Back home, come back TO BE UNITY, remember that you are ONE, Omnipresent , Remeber that the symbols that u have outside are the shapes of your way inside. YOU Are sacred geometry and sacred life. You are the measurement of the Gods upon Gaia, which you manifest in all your spaces ... Before beginning a journey through sound ... BE the forms of this sound .... tune into your perfection .... Transform consciously in the ART you are as you are the, sound, vibrations and frequencies .... remember how it feels be stardust, sunshine, human, and eternal and perfect idea ... always keep it in mind and only then your can penetrate the the 5th door of the Universe like the raindrop that is always absorbing life on Gaia. "


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