After having REMEMBERED the key message that will open the 5th door Universe, the GALACTIC GRANDFATHER leads Gaianauta to the entrance of a SOUND TUNEL. She begins to climb through this space, which brings her in a SPIRAL to the surface of planet GAIA. Inside the tunnel Gaianauta begins to see on her body the geometry and colors that make up the Universe. Then a bright light is directed to her and meets face to face, she realizes that is a METEORITE that leads her into the 5th door.

In tuned with the energy of the KEY given by the grandfather and with the meteorite Gaianauta penetrates the 5th door, binding all dimensions, realms , colors and geometries of her experience in Gaia. Each particle begins to color with LIGHT the NEW DIMENSION behind the 5th door. Of these particles are formed power animals, plants, katsinas , MaNinCaRis, fairies, goblins, supernatural beings, gods and goddesses that surrounded her in MAGIC circle.

The re- apparition of the animals, announce Gaianauta that she has entered into a NEW AGE , a GOLDEN AGE, one contained in the meteor which had her arrive . Surrounded by these magical beings transmitting telepathically to Gaianauta that they have have returned to the Source NOW IN UNITY . Gaianauta starts a new condition in her interaction with supernatural beings and forces that surround her.

EMPOWERED by these beings Gaianauta starts creating her new reality and in AWARENESS feels every cell, atom, and DNA chains inside her integrating with the Cosmos , UNDERSTANDING that her ability to illuminate depends on her relationship with the PRESENT moment . Presence manifested in vibration and frequency of her consciousness, with the CLARITY of knowing that by giving her power to her thinking will leave her in complete darkness.

Taking full RESPONSIBILITY OF HERSELF she vaporizes , integrating to the stardust seeds contained in the METEORITE that illuminates from the center of the new dimension , the Universe with LOVE .



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