Having left the arch of masculinity Gaianauta comprehends and transcends her relationship with duality. NOW with this new understanding she's guided by a silvery light that shines through a suspended window between the arches .... She stared at the light as she was bathed in this beautiful , silvery essence ... the essence of the moon .. moon accompanied by 13 more ... The biggest of them speaks to Gaianauta and says:
dont care about your color, what or where you've done in the past. TODAY we forgive your imbalances because WE know you are forgiving yourself. We know that WE ARE ALL THE SAME REFLECTION . See yourself in others, recognize your being, your power and beauty and realize that they are YOU. Be responsable and believe them as MIRRORS OF YUR SOUL in order to continue growing and expanding your essence on each of the galaxies in this Universe. Never try to change someone else, because you are their reflection. Always remember that you are ME and I AM your mirror, the reflection of the Absolute Truth.

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