SQUARE ROOT is a collaborative ongoing project that began in NYC in early 2012. 
SQUARE ROOT uses photographs and textile designs to explore identity, human connection, isolation, and miscommunication caused by the technological advances. At the same time SQUARE ROOT is a reflexion of social masks, and how the vision is obstructed at both a physical and energetic level. Project SQUARE ROOT is a reflective exercise about the square and how the human being has used it in a invasive and destructive matter to build cities, t.v.’s, harvest fields, computers, phones, doors, houses etc. At the same time the square has also been used in a sacred manner through out history , we can see it in the cross of the 4 cardinal points and 4 directions of Native cultures around the world.
                                                                                     - Square Root
                                                                                  (Angelica Robles & Summer Romero) 





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