::::::: ARTIST STATEMENT :::::::

statementI have always been fascinated by how the human body functions and by the perfection that is found within it, physically and spiritually and also by the way it interacts with the world around it. My inspiration stems from my love of traveling and the collaborations with individuals with diverse backgrounds and cultures. Living and studying in Tibet, Barcelona, China, Berlin, Antwerp, Mexico, and the United States has furthered my growth and my understanding of the different forms artistic expression takes and how art enriches our lives. The journey that I started after graduating from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) with the project TELAR took me to discover myself in the Zapotec forest of Sierra Madre del sur, Oaxaca. Abundant, excited and grateful I felt for the earth, our mother, our home. I support its healing by using organic, natural and recycled materials and fibers for the creation of my most recent work.

In order to channel pieces that accomplish a deeper sharing I have modified my lifestyle and in 2010 I  moved to a community in via of being an ecovillage Ecovillananda ( EVA )  in Oaxaca. Here  i learned and practiced principles of permaculture for nutrition and the construction of the art studio and our houses (dry bathroom, lorena stove, orgunatica spiral gardens).

In unity with the earth I discover its abundance in color, odor, and taste, sharing it with whom vibrate at the same frequencies and with whom seem to be apart from it because of the lifestyle that has been imposed by popular culture. I seek for consciousness awakening and expansion, not only mine but also of the ones with whom I share my creation on their body, their temple. As an artist and human being my fascination is not only the human body but to stimulate what cant be touched or seen but also you can feel and it transforms you.



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