Their-Art-P is an experimental approach where I fuse my passions : fashion, textiles, art therapy, and collaboration.
As I travel I invite people and children to draw on my sketchbook or to do exercises with me such as blind folded drawings. These are then transformed to images that inspire my prints and future collections.


First Their-Art-P Collection.
Inspired in public art therapy practiced with people in Antwerp.
The process was created as I asked different people only at night time to draw or write in my sketchbook how they felt about living in Antwerp. After the collaboration I collaged all the images into my sketchbook and converted them into prints becoming the SILENT SECRETS.

All pieces are for sale , unisex and unisize.
All can be custom made in any available color.

Nuestro Dia-rio. THE SECRET SILENCE JACKET . 2008
Our Dia-ry.

IMG 0536IMG 0532

The jacket contains several flaps that when lifted and unbuttoned reveal the prints from drawings and writings.These have been created from collaging several pieces of cloth that have been printed separately.All images come from my sketchbook that were scanned and made into CMYK and transfer prints.

IMG 0502

IMG 0513


Fusion: Antwerp and NEW-R-ON. prints.

 IMG 0013
IMG 0098
IMG 0145
IMG 0148
IMG 0037
IMG 0103
IMG 0107
IMG 0206
IMG 0210





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